Expertise: I am a trained mechanical engineer, with expertise in robotics QA and performance and controls.

Current State: I am seeking a full time role as a Performance/ QA Robotics Engineer.



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Centrally Actuated Mobile Robot
Final Report

Built Squishy Robotics' first centrally actuated mobile robot

Simulated Rocket Landing on Mars
GitHub Repo

Implemented a Model Predictive Controller (MPC) with reference tracking for robust control

5 Stage Pick and Place Robot
GitHub Repo

Controlled a 3D printed robot arm with a PSOC microcontroller, interfacing with LabVIEW and C

State Estimation Project
GitHub Repo

Used the Extended Kalman Filter to predict the final position of a bicycle

Pick and Place Challenge

Designed and built a 2P 3R Vex robot and used Arduino to control its 5 selected motors

Feedback Control with Sensors

Built a 2R robot to demonstrate feedback control using optical shaft encoders

Yarn Coater
Senior Design Paper

Engineered and operated a yarn coater for mass prodoction of MXene yarns

Computer Vision

Used fastai to build an impressionist painting image classifier


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